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viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

NASA : NASA Celebrates Earth Day with #NoPlaceLikeHome Event .- NASA celebra el Día de la Tierra con : #NoPlaceLikeHome Event

Hola amigos: A VUELO DE UN QUINDE EL BLOG., hemos recibido de la Agencia Espacial NASA, una información sobre la celebración del Día de la Tierra, con la participación de todo el mundo mediante las redes sociales  y nos dice: 
La NASA está pidiendo a la gente en todo el mundo para compartir fotos y videos en las redes sociales que muestran que no hay lugar como el hogar - el planeta Tierra. Usted únase a este magno evento.

No Place Like Home logo
Get involved in highlighting the amazing places and landscapes on our home planet this Earth Day, April 22, by posting photos and videos of your favorite place on Earth.
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NASA Celebrates Earth Day with #NoPlaceLikeHome Event
This Earth Day, April 22, NASA is asking people around the world to share pictures and videos on social media that show there is no place like home – planet Earth.
NASA’s Earth Day #NoPlaceLikeHome project seeks to get the public involved in highlighting the great diversity of the places, landscapes and ecosystems of our home planet. Participants are invited to post photos and videos that answer a simple question: What is your favorite place on Earth?
Images can be shared using the hashtag #NoPlaceLikeHome on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr. Leading up to Earth Day, NASA will participate by posting its own images and videos.
NASA’s mission includes exploring beyond Earth and using the vantage point of space to improve our understanding of the most complex planet we’ve seen yet. The agency’s Earth-observing satellites, airborne research and field campaigns are designed to observe our planet’s dynamic systems – oceans, ice sheets, forests and atmosphere – and improve our ability to understand how our planet is changing and could change.
For more information on the #NoPlaceLikeHome project, visit:

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