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domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

NASA : 3,000th Comet Spotted by Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) .- 3000a Comet moteado por Observatorio Solar y Heliosférico (SOHO)

Hola amigos: A VUELO DE UN QUINDE EL BLOG., El 13 de septiembre de 2015, el Observatorio Solar y Heliosférico - un proyecto conjunto de la Agencia Espacial Europea y la NASA - descubrió su cometa número 3.000, consolidando su posición como el mayor buscador de cometas de todos los tiempos. Antes de la puesta en marcha del observatorio, comúnmente conocido como SOHO 1995, sólo una docena de cometas habían siempre incluso han descubierto desde el espacio, mientras que otros 900 habían sido descubiertos desde el suelo. El cometa número 3.000, se destaca en esta imagen, fue descubierto originalmente en los datos por Worachate Boonplod, de Samut Songkhram, Tailandia.
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Image taken by SOHO observatory with inset highlighting 3,000th comet.
On Sept. 13, 2015, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory – a joint project of the European Space Agency and NASA -- discovered its 3,000th comet, cementing its standing as the greatest comet finder of all time. Prior to the 1995 launch of the observatory, commonly known as SOHO, only a dozen or so comets had ever even been discovered from space, while some 900 had been discovered from the ground. The 3,000th comet, highlighted in this image, was originally spotted in the data by Worachate Boonplod, of Samut Songkhram, Thailand.
SOHO's mission is to observe the sun and interplanetary space, above Earth's atmosphere that blocks so much of the sun's radiation. From there, SOHO watches the solar disk itself and its surrounding environment, tracking the constant outward flow of particles known as the solar wind, as well as giant explosions of escaping gas called coronal mass ejections, or CMEs. In its two decades in orbit, SOHO has opened up a new era of solar observations, dramatically extending our understanding of the star we live with.
The telescope’s comet prowess, however, was unplanned and has turned out to be an unexpected benefit. With its clear view of the sun's surroundings, SOHO can easily spot a special kind of comet called a sungrazer, because of its close approach to the sun.
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