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domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

ESA : ESA Euronews : Atmospheric pollution .- ESA Euronews: Contaminación atmosférica

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    • Title ESA Euronews : Atmospheric pollution
    • Released: 17/03/2017
    • Length 00:08:30
    • Language English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Hungarian
    • Footage Type Animation
    • Copyright ESA/Euronews
    • Description
      This special edition of Space explores how atmospheric pollution is measured – and forecast – by satellites.
      You have probably used an app on your mobile phone to get the weather forecast. Now, thanks to a satellite network and ground-based stations, it is possible to get through an app on your phone information about pollution in your cities.
      Earth's atmosphere is a complicated system, influenced by a large number of factors. Observation satellites orbiting around our planet constantly monitor the state of the air we breathe and how natural and man-made pollution are affecting the quality of the atmosphere.
      Researchers at the University of Bremen have pioneered the measurement of atmospheric pollution. a vuelo


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